Mary G. Anderson

Life Management Consulting, Organizational Consultant, & Coach


Preserve Your Memories, Protect
Your Assets, & Live Your Legacy Now


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Mary G. Anderson

Life Management Consulting, Organizational Consultant/Coach

  • Author of “My Estate Management Guide” & “My Life, My Legacy Plan: How to Design Your Legacy Will to Preserve Your Values and Life Experience for Others”
  • Founder, Life Management Consulting & Advanced Legal Training Institute, 25 years of experience as an Executive Trainer and Professional Speaker
  • Certified Conflict Resolution/Mediator Specialist
  • Management Training Specialist @ Fortune 500 Companies
  • Producer and Host of “Voice of the Valley” Television Show
  • BA, Willamette University, Secondary Teaching Credential

How A Life Coach Can Help You

  • Feel better with more energy, spirit and joy in your life &
    accomplish more of what you want
  • Align your values with your professional & personal goals
  • Break through the clutter and set firm personal or professional goals
  • Communicate better & evaluate consequences
  • Find your voice
  • Manage, organize and prioritize your time & stay motivated and on track
  • Think things through, work faster, smarter & better
  • Design a vision for your retirement

Coach’s Invitation

As an organizational consultant/coach,  I am passionate about helping people feel better, get focused and organized while they set up the systems that will encourage each of them to be here now and design and live true to their legacy.

Founder of Life Management Consulting, Mary Gutheil Anderson, is an Organizational Consultant/Coach, Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader and TV producer. Mary specializes in supporting clients through difficult life transitions by offering specific tools to help manage the challenging process of  change.  As a personal and business coach, Mary helps clients who are going through transitions such as a divorce, a life threatening illness, loss of job, death, relocation, feelings of overwhelm and chronic disorganization.

In the past few years, Mary has been met with the unexpected death of four family members, including her 22-year old son Taylor. She was forced to confront many challenging obstacles including planning funerals, settling four complicated trusts and making other difficult end-of-life choices. It was at this time that Mary also became actively involved as executor of both her parent’s estate and brother’s estate. She quickly learned about the grief, shock, inertia and indecision that often faces executors/trustees as they try to quickly organize and access all the paperwork, deeds and property etc. that may be required by CPA’s, attorneys, insurance/real estate agents or other advisors. Mary then made the commitment to help other individuals who were working through similar challenges and  issues. She works in conjunction with the professional services offered by Estates & Trusts Attorneys.

Mary provides consulting services to assist clients who are either in
1) the midst of handling a death of a loved one, executing and settling their estate and/or

2) a client who has decided to get organized and plan ahead by completing an end-of-life plan including their will, collecting their important papers and completing a checklist of final wishes.